Comprehensive Tree Services in Warsaw and Beyond

At Fallen Timber, we stand as the premier provider of tree services in Warsaw and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive knowledge, ensuring that we are well-equipped for any tree job imaginable.


Tailored Solutions for Every Tree

From small pine trees to towering hardwoods, no tree is too challenging for our expert team. Utilizing our highly versatile lift, we can reach even the most difficult locations without the need for a costly and hazardous tree climber. Whether trees loom over your house, shed, pool, or intertwine with other trees, we have the expertise to navigate these situations safely and efficiently.


Shaping Trees to Perfection

Our specialized lift excels in reaching tree tops, allowing us to shape trees according to your preferences. This is an excellent way to control overgrown trees, preventing them from encroaching on your roof, invading your pool, or causing other unwanted disruptions. Trust Fallen Timber for precision in tree topping to keep your landscape in check.

Tree Chipping

Mulch or Removal, Your Choice

After tree topping or removal, the resulting brush can be overwhelming. We offer on-site chipping, providing you with the option of mulch for your landscaping needs. Alternatively, we can efficiently haul away all debris, leaving your property clean and free from tree remnants.

Stump Grinding

Swift Removal of Stumps and Roots

Don’t wait decades for a tree stump to naturally decompose. Our stump grinding services ensure swift removal, leaving your yard free from unsightly stumps and pesky roots. Count on Fallen Timber to handle this with ease, restoring your outdoor space to its full potential.

Choose Fallen Timber

for Unmatched Tree Expertise

At Fallen Timber, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive tree services that exceed expectations. Our skilled team, coupled with advanced equipment, guarantees the successful completion of any tree-related task. Contact us today to experience the highest standard of tree care in Warsaw, Indiana, and beyond.